Friday, October 1, 2010

Is anyone else tired of Eminem?

He's talented and his new album is decent, a lot better than the crap he put out on the last record, but I'm tired...To be honest I'm surprised he even made a comeback, but I guess all the Bieber fever kids need to listen to a little anger and strife? Artists like Eminem always do well when pop music turns really bubble gum, he first emerged during the whole boy band era, so why not do it all over again for the new generation of teens who were to young to remember the real slim shady. He has nothing left to say, everything sounds the same except for maybe the people he collaborates with, and how many times can he do the angry white dude "i got picked on in high school" bit. He's rich and apparently clean, maybe there's no inspiration left, nothing to feed the creativity, I'm not sure...Enjoy?

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